Questions to Lorraine Smith

These are the questions I asked Lorraine Smith:

‎Ms Smith,

Following up on our brief phone conversation, please consider replying to these questions:

1. When you say, “I didn’t know anything,” what do you mean?
2. Are you saying that you did not know anything about Mitch Vandergunst’s criminal proceedings, including his Oct 3, 2014 conviction, until late January/early February of this year?
3. What was the date and (approximate) time you found out about Vandergunst’s criminal proceedings? Who informed you? How were you informed?
4. What responsibility does a board director like you bear in a situation such as this one?
5. What role are you serving now, in terms of assisting the team deal with the aftermath of the Vandergunst matter?
6. Did you attend the February 14 sensitivity workshop that your board arranged with the women’s shelter, Optimism Place? If not, why not?
7. As a woman serving on the board for a hockey team, what challenges do you face? Is it accurate that you are the sole female on the board? If so, what’s that been like for you.
8. What are your duties as a board member?
9. How many years have you been on the board?
10. How did you become involved with the Cullitons? What is your connection to the team? To hockey, in general?

Your assistance and cooperation would be appreciated.