Silke, Carl and a cat cafe

Cat cafes are hip. Who new?

A couple of Mays ago, in Chicago, I biked past the Windy City Cat Cafe. Fad, I thought. It’ll never last. Then, last October, I walked by Maison de Moggy, in Edinburgh.The place was all wicker furniture, hipsters and cats climbing everywhere. OK, this might be a thing.

Now, Stratford has a kitty caff! Find it in Market Place, across the street from the Avon Theatre (and Bieber’s sidewalk star). It’s called the Alley Cat Cafe. Peek through its windows to check out the eight felines romping (or napping).

Carl Gross and Silke Ware own Alley Cat. These days, their place is closed. Blame it on The Great Paws…er… Pause. I caught up with them to find out how they’re managing. (Quick appeal: if you can, make a donation to help them keep the cats in food and litter. E-transfer to

(A clarification: Silke is teaching Zumba fitness, online, and doing so voluntarily.)


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